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The Most Strategic American Mission Opportunity in Half a Century 



Currently the SCOTUS is hearing a case from Mississippi seeking to ban abortion after 15 weeks. If the Supreme Court upholds this ban it will essentially put an end to Roe Vs Wade, which legalized abortion. A decision on the case is expected within two to three months. If the case is upheld, the abortion issue will be placed back into the hands of each individual state. When this happens, it is expected that blue controlled states will maximize abortion opportunities, while red controlled states will end, or greatly limit abortion.  


Of course, Christians will rightfully celebrate such a decision, but before we start to think, “well praise God that’s over”, there is more to consider. Namely what will become of the hundreds of thousands of women each year who used to have abortions? Undeterred, many of these women will travel to blue states seeking to abort, while others under great stress will wander like sheep without a shepherd.  

How, can the Church anticipate and plan together a strategic mission to reach this specific people group that we know will be struggling, venerable, and may be receptive to the words: “you’re not alone,” “we can help”, “let’s make a plan?”  What if the church, in anticipation of these post Roe Vs Wade refugees, was to develop a strategic mission to engage, evangelize, and disciple these women into our local churches? What if we were prepared and purposeful about coming along side these women, and their preborn babies in the name of Jesus with love, resource, and direction?  

We at Confidential Care Mobile Ministry, (CCMM), believe this could be the most strategic American mission opportunity in fifty years, but the opportunity is far bigger than the efforts of any single prolife agency, the collective Church must mobilize. We can anticipate approximately 5000 women each year in the mid-south who will be looking for a solution to their crisis, (most will be unsaved). Will you and your church family mobilize with us on this strategic mission?  

We would like to schedule a day to meet with interested Mid-South Pastors and community ministry partners for an initial brainstorming session where we can pray, map resources, and discuss how this strategic outreach mission may best be structured and funded. 

Confidential Care is already on the highways and byways everyday of every work week engaging and evangelizing this particular people group, but there’s no way we can properly resource or disciple them into the Kingdom apart from the strategic involvement of the local church. Like every ministry social network needs a great landing page, we need to establish some great landing platforms within our churches. Will you join us in forming and mobilizing the Strategic American Mission, (S.A.M.), Initiative.  

Go to click on events tab, then “The S.A.M. Initiative” to be notified of the brainstorming date & location or call Rick Carr, 901.240.6556.   


We want our supporters to be informed about pending legislation in Tennessee. Please click on the links below to learn more about current bills in the house and senate.

If you have questions about these bills please call Tennessee Right to Life at 615-298-5433 or our office at 901-476-6528. Looking for your legislator to see where they stand on the issues? You can find their contact information at

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