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Every day of the week CCMM sends out Medical Mobile Units to the four corners of the Mid-South meeting with women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. These women have scheduled an appointment with an organization and have expressed a desire to abort their pre-born child. Each of our Medical Mobile Units are equipped with ultrasound equipment and are staffed by Medical Ministry Teams, which include a licensed Registered Nurse and a Patient Care Advisor. 

 We Offer Free: 

  • Accessible health care for women with limited transportation and resources who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy 

  • Pregnancy testing

  • Limited Ultrasound confirming viability 

  • Education related to STI's, abstinence, abortion procedures and possible long-term effects

  • Abortion Alternatives discussion

  • Referrals to our Collaborating Community Partners along with other needed resources

  • Follow-up visits and on-going contact and support, if possible, throughout entire pregnancy

  • The opportunity to hear and embrace the good news of God's love and forgiveness through Jesus Christ

Mid- South Women's Clinic

Telecare Clinic

Prior to face-to-face engagement, all potential clients are engaged in a phone interview process to determine intent (i.e., plans to abort, PA, plans undecided, PU, or plans to carry, PC). The women who are PA  or PU will receive Virtual Counseling immediately. The virtual counselor will identify the client's immediate crisis and seek to reassure her of the assistance we are able to offer. After the client receives virtual counseling, she is scheduled for an appointment on a Mobile Medical Unit or Pregnancy Resource Center located closest to the zip code in which the client lives. The women who are planning to carry to term will be referred to one of our other Collaborating Community Partners for intervention services. 

Hotline Consultant

Tiny hands support network

Every client who visits one of our Medical Mobile Units seeking or considering abortion, but instead chooses life for her child becomes part of the Tiny Hands Support Network. She is given a tiny hands ring, a covenant card, and is granted access to a private Tiny Hands Support Network Facebook page where she can interact and journey together with other women who have chosen life. She is also placed under the watchful care of an Ongoing Care Coordinator who will maintain contact, trouble shoot, and help facilitate needed resources. 

Virtual Counseling
Tiny hands
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Collaborative partners

Continuum of Care program 

The Continuum of Care Coordinator is responsible for developing relationships with churches, community resources and social service agencies and making them available to the clients at the Mid-South Women's Clinic. This vital staff member will listen to and communicate with women in crisis pregnancies to understand their challenges, and connect them with these resources using the database this position manages. This person will also solicit and train volunteer mentors within churches to partner with us. 

The overall goal of our Continuum of Care program is to begin disciplining those we serve into the Kingdom and to network with local churches and other needed Christian agencies that can continue the discipleship process.

If your church or organization is interested in being a part of this program reach out to for more information. 

Continuum Of Care

Post-Abortive Resources

"If you're living with shame that is weighing you down, know that healing is available to you. God comes towards you and draws you to his mercy. Take one step toward him. God will go above and beyond for you. He lavishes it on you, so you can't miss it."-Anonymous post-abortive woman

Post Abortive Resources: 

  • Rachel's Vineyard: A place of healing for those who have experienced abortion.  877-467-3463

  • Life Choices: Post Abortive Counseling. Cathy at 901-277-5808 or

collaborating community partners

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Dr. Michael Podraza

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Collaborating Partners
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More Resources Available 

We have a large resource database filled with resources that may help someone in need. If you would like us to share those with you call our office and we will be glad to help. See our list of categories of the resources we have below: 

  • Adoption

  • Alcohol/Drug Abuse Services 

  • Child Care Services/Referrals 

  • Counseling

  • Crisis Numbers

  • Education/Employment Help

  • Financial Aid/ Food Assistance

  • Housing/ Shelter

  • Medical/Dental

  • Pregnancy Resource Center

  • Support Services 

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