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Volunteer Opportunities to ride with Confidential care Mobile ministry

Get your hands dirty: Although, HIPAA laws limit connections with our clients we need friends who can help:

Mechanics for routine maintenance for our Medical Mobile Units

Event oriented friends to help with our banquet, or other events/projects.

Washing the exteriors and/or cleaning the inside of our Medical Mobile Units

Administration- sometimes we can use on-call admin help on larger projects.

Graphic Artist for various projects

Tiny Hands Social Network FB Page coordinator

Financial Support

We are seeking to build a base of 1500 ministry partners who will include $25 per month in their family budget to empower our mission: To rescue Preborn Human Babies from certain death and love their mothers into the Kingdom.

An annual gift of $25,000 will cover our current minimum advertising expenses. Our ability to connect with women in pregnancy crisis is limited by the amount of money available to spend on advertising. Currently we need to spend a minimum of $2000 per month.

Got gas? We need Kroger Gas Cards for our two Medical Mobile Units. $200 week per, or $10,000 annually.

With 3200+ abortions happening each year in Shelby County we would like to add one additional fully equipped and staffed Medical Mobile Unit to our ministry fleet. The cost to purchase a new equipped medical mobile unit and operate it for 3 years is $775,000. We already have a $40K matching pledge towards this endeavor.

We give every mother who makes a life decision for her unborn child a Little Hands Covenant Ring, to wear as a reminder that the child in her womb is real, and her baby’s life is in her hands. Annual rings cost is $2,250.

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