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We are a 501c3 non-profit organization. Our mission is to rescue preborn babies from abortion and love their moms into the kingdom. We do this through three key outreach programs:

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Mid-South Women's Clinic

This is our Medical Mobile Units program, which we send out on the highways and byways.  They are equipped with medical ministry teams of two, we provide free pregnancy testing, limited ultrasounds, and education related to STI's, abstinence, abortion procedures possible long-term effects, along with abortion alternatives for women experiencing unplanned pregnancy.  

Hotline Consultant


For the past two years, under a subcontract with a national pregnancy resource partner, CCMM has served as boots on the ground for a state-wide telehealth initiative of Governor Lee. Through this program we receive phone calls from abortion determined women from Knoxville, Nashville, and Memphis. The goal of this program is to get the women we speak with to set an appointment on one of our medical units, or with one of our ministry partners across the state who provides similar christian based educational, healthcare, and support services.

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Continuum of Care

The woman we serve who make life decisions, (to not abort), are often faced with significant systemic issues related to poverty, including housing, transportation, employment, and basic life and parenting skills. Our COC program staff help those we serve navigate and overcome these challenges with love, resource, support, and accountability.

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